akhmerov thesis

Type: Doctoral Thesis. Title: Dirac and Majorana edge states in graphene and topological superconductors. Author: Akhmerov, Anton Roustiamovich. Publisher: Institute Lorentz, Faculty of Science, Leiden University. Issue Date: 2011-05-31. Keywords: Graphene Majorana fermions. Topological quantum computation.
pdf file (3604 KB). Dirac and Majorana edge states in graphene and topological superconductors A.R. Akhmerov (31 May 2011)
01/2014, Outstanding referee of the American Physical Society journals. 01/2013, Doctoral thesis prize of the Dutch physics foundation FOM. 09/2012, Gratama award. 09/2012, Golub fellowship at Harvard university. 01/2012, C.J. Kok thesis prize. 01/2012, Leiden university Ontdekker van het jaar (discoverer of the year)
The winner of the FOM Physics Thesis Prize 2012 is theoretical physicist Dr. Anton Akhmerov. He carried out his PhD research under the supervision of FOM workgroup leader professor Carlo Beenakker and received his doctorate cum laude in May 2011 from Leiden University. Besides his many new physics insights, the
ONE AND TWO DIMENSIONAL SEMICONDUCTORS. Towards topological states of matter morten kjaergaard. Ph.D. Thesis. Center for Quantum Devices. Faculty of Science .... the section on the dilution unit in this thesis to you. Another german in ... cussing theory and experiments (and rock-climbing) with Anton Akhmerov.
Jpn. 65,505–514. Akhmerov, A.(2011), Diracand Majoranaedge statesin graphene and topological superconductors, Ph.D. thesis, Leiden University. Akhmerov, A.R.&Beenakker, C. W.J.(2008), 'Boundary conditions for Dirac fermionsonaterminated honeycomb lattice', Phys. Rev. B77, 085423. Akkermans,E.& Montambaux
The explicit connection between the cultural and political facets of the Russian imperial project forms the central thesis of Minnullin's “The Damned. ... Minnullin's story revolves around two conversations: the first between Il'minskii and Malov and the second between Malov and Sakhip Garai Akhmerov, a Tatar convert to
Ph.D. Thesis, Univ. of Würzburg (1997). 7. R.H. MartinNonlinear Operator and Differential Equations in Banach Spaces. Wiley, New York (1976). 8. G. DarboPunti uniti in trasformazioni a codominio non compatto. Rend. Sem. Mat. Univ. Padova, 24 (1955), pp. 84-92. 9. R.R. Akhmerov, M.I. Kamenskij, A.S. Potapov, A.E.
Dresden. I thank Prof. Ronny Thomale and Dr. Anton Akhmerov for taking the time to evaluate this thesis and join the assessment committee for my defense along with Assoc. Prof. Jon Andreas Støvneng. There are many people at the physics department who significantly enriched my time at NTNU. Within the Sudbø-group,

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